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Court Reporter FAQs

Are there different types of court reporters?

Yes. When you attend a deposition, court hearing, arbitration or public meeting, you will generally see one of three types:

  • Steno Typist
  • Steno Mask Reporter
  • Electronic Recorder

Each reporting method has its benefits and drawbacks. Your account executive can recommend the most appropriate method for your event.

Steno Typist -
A steno typist “types” on a steno machine in a type of shorthand. A computer translates the shorthand into written English. The better reporters utilizing this method are able to produce English text stream to an attorney’s computer -- known as realtime.

Steno Mask Reporter -
A steno masks covers a court reporter’s mouth allowing the reporter to repeat everything the parties are saying into the mask, which is connected to a recording device. Alderson’s steno mask reporters can often be seen on CNN during Senate Committee hearings. In addition to dictating everything that a speaker is saying, the reporter dictates instructions to the person who will transcribe the audio recording. The advent of speech recognition has enabled some steno mask reporters to produce text in realtime for captioning.

Electronic Recorder -
An electronic recorder is a reporter who uses digital equipment, microphones and a sound system to record what is being said at a meeting. This method is the best option when a sound system is used and the dimensions of the room make either of the other methods impractical.

Can I schedule a reporter, videographer or translator online?

Yes. Alderson Online allows our clients to schedule a reporter, videographer or translator online anytime. When you schedule online, only those authorized to review the transcript will have access.

What is a repository?

Alderson’s repository is a secure, password-protected database that is accessible 24/7 for review of transcripts, exhibits and errata in a case. Alderson Online allows you to schedule a reporter, view all transcripts produced by Alderson for a case, and have access to the deposition calendar.

Can I schedule a court reporter to report overseas?

Yes. Alderson specializes in finding you the best qualified reporter anywhere your case takes you.

What is Realtime?

Realtime is the technology that allows a reporter to transmit text from his/her computer to another computer either in the room or accress the Internet as the words are being spoken. This text stream is similar to that of closed captioning seen on television. Alderson has certified realtime trainers on staff who can answer your questions and help with your computer setup.

When can I expect my transcript?

Alderson is committed to delivering transcripts, video and exhibits when and where you need them. When ordering your reporter, let your account executive know about your special requirements and we’ll meet them!