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Litigation Support in High Profile Corporate Scandal Case

PLACE: Washington, D.C.

Several law firms representative clients involved in recent corporate scandals needed to depose multiple witnesses in short order, with the public and press paying rapt attention along the way. Each witness yielded the attendance of over 20 of attorneys from law firms located around the country.

Attorneys needed to review the testimony in realtime, as did their colleagues and clients at office fronts. Alderson dedicated two account representatives certified in realtime technologies and proficient in streaming Internet feeds to the case. As required by Alderson standards, representatives arrived on site one hour prior to deposition, enabling them to ensure proper real time connections, and establishing the Internet realtime feed. Concerns were addressed immediately on site, and all equipment was tested prior to the start of the testimony. This method was followed for each witness.

As a result, clients and legal teams saved thousands of dollars in travel costs without missing a single word. Teams were able to prepare for testimonies while remaining in their home offices. At the end of the first round of depositions, the clients decided to take this approach for the entire case with Alderson at the helm. A complicated and technically problematic case was handled smoothly, enabling the client to relax on the operational side and focus on the testimony.